After Effects / Motion Graphics artist

Job Description:

Tangent animation is looking for a senior After Effects / Motion Graphics artist for a feature film contract. Candidate is ideally skilled in both Motion Graphics and Visual Effects compositing workflows. Feature film experience is a plus.


  • Design and creation of Motion Graphics elements that will be integrated into CG feature film shots.
  • Create and manage a Visual Effects Library in collaboration with
    Visual Effects supervisor and Director of Photography
  • Integration 2D and 3D Visual Effects elements.


  • Experience in After Effects with sophisticated Motion Graphics.
  • Ability to work with and manipulate Visual Effects elements at a feature film quality level.
  • Excellent organizational skills for creation and cataloging of Motion Graphics and Visual Effects elements.
  • Knowledge of 3D animation production pipeline is beneficial.
  • Must be able to work collaboratively with visual effects supervisor and Director of Photography.


Reports To:
Visual Effects Sup / Director of Photography
Visual Effects


Start Date:
Apr 10 2017
End Date:
Dec 10 2017

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